Prelaunching Two books

An Invitation

This blog introduces a pair of books which are now in the last stages of progress and is an invitation to offer constructive criticism during the stages of the draft’s editing.

The book, Dancing in the Kingdom is the academic version with appendices and footnotes and with an accompanying workbook with questions. The book, The Impossible Dance, is the easier-to-read version without appendices or footnotes and with questions at the end of each chapter and is also somewhat condensed.

Let me know what’s confusing, enlightening, misspelled, needs explanation, what you like or don’t like etc. This blog will roll out the books one section at a time – sometimes 2-3 blog postings in a day – 3 days a week. I expect the whole process may take approximately a year, leaving plenty of time for thoughtful comments and review and seeing other people interact with the material.

The easiest way to see the books may be to go the Contents page for each book where there will be links to each of the posted sections. For more information about the book please see “About the Book”

I welcome your thoughtful comments!