Self-sacrificing and Forgiving

Dancing in the Kingdom – Table of Contents

Part 1 – Shadows of the Kingdom, Chapter 3 – The Image-bearers

[Bible references: Romans 6:4-5; 12:1-3; James 2:12-14; 1 Peter 2:10-12]

Our life in God does not begin with anything we have done but rather with the sacrifice made by Christ Jesus, the perfect sacrifice that was made on our behalf to reconcile us to God. When by baptism we join him in his death, we can also be united with him in his resurrection. It is that resurrection power that enables us to present ourselves as living sacrifices, to worship him by continually dying to our sins[1] and offering ourselves to the service of God and to others. And just as the mercies of God flow into our lives, so those mercies should flow over into the mercy we extend to others on God’s behalf.

[1] Piper, John, “Present your bodies as a living sacrifice,” Desiring God, 13 June 2004,; Wayne, Luke. “What does it mean to be a living sacrifice;” Gidley, James S. “A Living Sacrifice,” Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry 31 Aug 2016,


God did not need to rescue us, but He did, even though it required great sacrifice. As you ponder that, think of how you can show love to those around you?


Read Romans 12:1-21. Christ’s sacrifice for us included his death on the cross. What kind of sacrifice are we expected to make?

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