Contents – The Impossible Dance

1 – Mystery and Confusion

Understanding the Impossible
The Impossible Story
Conflicts and Tensions
Conflicts are clues
Dynamic Tension

2 – The impossible God


-Paradoxes and Mysteries
-A Person and a Community
-Transcendent and Immanent
-Timeless and in Time
-Sovereign and Servant
-Gracious, Merciful and Just
-Playful and Orderly

Part 2

The Good and Overflowing God
-Generous and Overflowing Shalom
-Trustworthy and Faithful
-Self-sacrificing and Forgiving
-The Temple Maker

3 – The impossible creatures

Reflecting God’s paradoxes
Body, Soul and Spirit
Transcendent and Immanent
In Time and In an Eternal Future
Co-Sovereigns and Servant
Merciful and Just
Playful and Orderly

Reflecting God’s goodness
Generous and overflowing shalom
Trustworthy and Faithful
Self-Sacrificing and Forgiving
Temple stewards

4 – The rebellion

Confronting our freedom
Sin’s consequences
Hope in the brokenness
The plan to restore creation
Turning from shalom
Rampant evil
Tower of Babel

5 – Family to Nation

God working through broken individuals and communities
Walk of faith
Pleading to God
Faith and obedience
Slow and steady
Ordinary believers
Deceit instead of faith
A higher order
Nation of wrestlers
Discipline and character development
Bloom where you are
Dreams come true
Discipling (a nation)
Following the process of growth
Fullness of time
Discipline, Miracles, and Death
Shadows of the Kingdom
The Tabernacle
Sacrifice and Love
The Calendar and liturgy

6 – A Nation Settles

Courage and memory
God’s fullness, his followers’ emptiness
The God of War
Judges and the Cycle of sin
God raising his people
The Cycle of Sin Continues
Rejecting God as King
Testing and Waiting
The war King
Messy family life
The Divided Kingdom

7 – The Prophets and Writings

Messengers of a Greater Power
Challenging Unfaithfulness
Lament and Anger
Future Hope
The strange story of the ark and the tabernacle
The Ark in the Promised Land
The Tabernacle and the Temple
Judgement Unfolds
Worship in exile
Songs and reflections of the heart
Silence and waiting

8 – The kingdom enters – hope revealed, unleashing shalom

Looking back – Signs and shadows of the kingdom
Looking for Messiah
The Messiah comes
Personal, Not Political
John the Baptist (Immerser)
Joseph and Mary
Expectant Magi and the non-expectant king
Inaugurating the ministry
The Kingdom is near again
Baptism, Anointing Temptation
The Kingdom Arrives
Kingdom questions and parables
Inheriting the Kingdom
The Kingdom expand
Passion unto death

9 – Culture wars

Intertestament Overview
Jewish and other sects in the Time of Jesus
Cultural Issues

10 – Launching the Church: Apostles and the Early Church

Led by the Spirit
No detailed strategic plan, but promises and presence
The Spirit and the power
The Spirit and the Story
The Spirit and the Scattering
The Spirit and the Servant-Leaders
Building and Growing the Church
The basics of the faith
The Desires and Fruits of Faith
Disciplines of the faith
The community of faith
Guarding the faith
Future of the faith

11 – Issues of the church

The Context of Theology
The limits of theology
The Challenge of the Church
The contributions of the Church
Historical Issues Affecting the Church
Questions from the Church

12 – Remembering our Creation

Our Mandate
Our Relationships
Our Provision
Our Limits
Lamenting our Brokenness
Rejoicing in the hope of God

13 – Reforming our Souls

Reforming our Loves
Disciplines of our heart
Fruits of the discipline
The Discipline
Discovering how we are formed – for each other

14 – Fixing Our Eyes

Everything Belongs
Created to grow
The Kingdom is Come and Not Yet
Ministry of Reconciliation
New Jerusalem’s Urban Garden

15 – Finding our Place

Relation to Yahweh
Relation to Self
Relation to Church
Created as parts of a body
Created to gather and build
Community of persons, not groups
Relation to the community outside the church
Not Yet, But Already
Preparing to Engage with Those Outside the Church
Flourishing community
Listening to our culture
Strategies in cultural engagement

16 – Entering the Dance

Occupy Till I Come
Charting a Path Forward
Bottom-up strategy
Top-down strategy
Vocational stewardship
Reimagining our society
Reorienting Our institutions
Reclaiming the institutional church
Re-envisioning our culture
Re-envisioning Our Given Environment
Re-envisioning Our Inhabited Environment
Reimagining Our Vocation